I’ve been eye-ing this mosquito net for a while which initially i wanted to include in my project but somehow i forgotten about it unless this morning at 01:23 am i struck in my mind that it would be a really cool addition to my lab inspired installation. It cost RM39.90, so affordable!




My strong army of recycled bottles ready to serve its purpose! Their purpose is to be the strong base and structure for my lightbox.

A simple video to get me started with building a light box. Although the one create is rectangle and normally used for product photo shoot the technical part gives me a good understanding how it all works.

Potential Equipment from Ikea

Grundtal spotlight

A small spotlight use to illuminate cabinets and shelves. First impression: Might be suitable for lighting up the light box. Very neat and well made.

Ansluta Power Supply Cord

Power supply cord to connect to light e.g spotlight. First impression: The supply cord is 3.5 metres long, a good length more than enough to reach the spotlight on top on the cylinder structure.