Monthly Archives: November 2012

A simple video to get me started with building a light box. Although the one create is rectangle and normally used for product photo shoot the technical part gives me a good understanding how it all works.

Potential Equipment from Ikea

Grundtal spotlight

A small spotlight use to illuminate cabinets and shelves. First impression: Might be suitable for lighting up the light box. Very neat and well made.

Ansluta Power Supply Cord

Power supply cord to connect to light e.g spotlight. First impression: The supply cord is 3.5 metres long, a good length more than enough to reach the spotlight on top on the cylinder structure.


My initial idea or this project is to show the audience what particulate looks like. within my wildest imagination i imagined creating a microscope, a big one! But that will not happy anytime soon due to the fact that ONE it’s impossible to create within a short period of time, TWO it will not be practical to actually build it with its detailed components and scientific functions. The only way it can imitate its simplified function is by building a simple version like an x-ray viewer where light shines through a semi- transparent paper.

To go with that idea, I propose to build a light box. The structure of the lightbox is cylindrical and at the top situates a smaller round compartment that stores a light bulb and also acts a holder for the images of particulate which will be hanging from a wall.

After deliberating on what should be the final outcome of my project i have decided to go back to my initial idea which is, electron microscope pictures of air particulate!

Although methods to obtain the images may be slighty simplified, meaning that i will not be carrying out the experiment. Looking back at my previous methods, i went abit crazy with it, what was i thinking i’m NO SCIENTIST! Instead i decided to ask Prof Ahmad Makmom for guidance in getting micron images.

And it seems that these images are everywhere, internet, library you name it! But I must first list down what to search..