Monthly Archives: August 2012

Items Quantity Price Total
Bell 10 RM12 RM120
Decorative Paper My own
Adhesive My own
Wood panel 1 RM30 RM30
Screws 12 RM0.10 RM1.20
Drill My own
String My own
Light Fixtures My own
Projector MMU
Laptop My own

Screen Name              : Air pollution

Purpose/ Description of screen : Encouraging society to make the first move

Person in charge         : Audience

User Interaction           : Reading quotes and pulling trigger string to initiate the ring.

Frames within the screen : –

Description: Representational art/ Installation

Media Elements/Content:

  1. Text/ Description        : Quote from Dr.Seuss [beginning] & myself [end]
  2. Image / graphic          : Photos of the city
  3. Video                           : The city and air pollution
  4. Animation                   : Smog and text will appear in the video
  5. Sound                          : Bells ringing
  6. Navigation control      : Trigger string