Proposal 3

Research topic: Smart Phone Craze


Smart phone are trending since a couple of years back. Every time a new and improve version comes out, it’ll always be the new hype regardless of how much it cost.

Problem identification:

The society is too obsessed with smartphones and they’re wasting a lot of time. Technology is supposed to make your live easier and with a smart phone it is convenient but what we do not realize is we are actually spending more time than needed.

Aim and Objectives:

To get people off their phones and to create an awareness on excessive time spent on phones updating everyone.


The moment when the conversation starts to fade, immediately the phones comes to picture and the whole conversation is a thing of the past.

“I realized what we were doing when the conversation at our table lagged, and no fewer than five phones were being tapped with abandon.” –

Ideation and concept:

Choose amongst my friends who are phone addicts and take away their phones  for a week and see how they react to it and what will people around them say or do when he or she is in this situation GOOD or BAD?


Review, Analysis and precedence studies:


We are rapidly becoming a society with electronic gadgetry permanently attached to our hand. This was driven home to me today when having a wonderful brunch with family members in town for a visit. We were sitting outside in a beautiful restaurant, enjoying the nice weather and tapping on our smartphones. I realized what we were doing when the conversation at our table lagged, and no fewer than five phones were being tapped with abandon. What a great opportunity for visiting was being lost to the cloud.

We weren’t the only ones either, once I noticed what my party was doing I looked around the restaurant and easily saw two dozen phones in hands. The need to be in touch with the happenings in the world has overshadowed our need as humans to be in close touch with each other. It no longer seems to matter that there is a lot we can learn from those around us, in person and up close. We have become a society that needs to be in touch with everything, everywhere.

The need to hear what’s going on in the world is important, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a time and place for everything, and let’s face it, that time is not when sitting down with friends and family. Let’s put down the phone and talk to each other. We’re nice people, let’s hear what each other has to say. –

The group is the professional, educational, and trade union body for the U.K.’s Chartered Physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, and students. In their report, they state that workers are risking their health by continuing to work on mobile devices after leaving the office.

The report says that this is of significant concern because most users are unaware of the poor posture they take on when using these various modern-day gadgets and gizmos that, in turn, often leads to back and neck pain. –

Design Approach:

Video based recording daily life a person without a smartphone.


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